Fumio Kosakai – Earth Calling (LP)



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Fumio Kosakai – Earth Calling (LP)

Fumio Kosakai is best known to most for his contributions to legendary Japanese harsh noise entities like Hijokaidan, C.C.C.C and of course, Incapacitants. His comparatively small body of solo work however finds him exploring far more restrained electronic music terrain. Inspired by the most psychedelic elements of artists like Terry Riley and Hawkwind, he produces gorgeous and nuanced minimalist drone textures.
This LP reissues his first cassette from 1987, released in a minuscule number and now a highly sought after release. Screen printed record sleeves by Mick Flower and a card insert of liner notes in both Japanese and English from the artist himself.
Co-release between Memoirs Of An Aesthete and Crater Lake.

“This first cassette was produced based on the recording of a solo performance carried out at the free jazz venue “Good Man” in Ogikubo, Tokyo, which ran around about 1985 and 1986.
The performance was done simultaneously using a self-made transmitter, mini-keyboard synthesizer, cassette tapes with environmental sounds recorded and a delay-like effect.
For the two tunes on the A Side, some sounds were overdubbed later on at home. For the B side, the live performance was released as it was.
The title of this cassette originates from the first tune on the live album “Space Ritual” by Hawkwind, from which I got a big impact. I interpreted these words as “Earth Calling” and aimed for such a sound universe. Especially the A side has more of this tendency, I suppose.
On the B side, is my attempt to recreate the infinite repetition like “A Rainbow In Curved Air” by Terry Riley, which I admire. The performance was done using a small Yamaha synthesizer and digital delay. It appeared to have gone fairly well so I didn’t add any other sounds.
There was hardly any audience who came to the live performances at “Good Man” at that time. Normally it was less than five people and at worst case no-one turned up. Due to my lazyness and a lack of proper sales activity, there were actually less than 30 cassettes sold, I think. It is indeed a mystery that the music that rarely reached anyone ends up being listened in the corner of the world I have never imagined and then released again after more than 25 years. Thanks to Pete Cann and Phil Todd.” – Fumio Kosakai (translated by Emi Ueno Neilson)”

Earth Calling by Fumio Kosakai

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