Gay Shapes – Untitled (cass)



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Gay Shapes – Untitled (cass)

Gay Shapes is the collaborative effort of Worcester, MA’s Mickey O’Hara, Abdul Sherzai and Joe Bastardo. This release sees the trio following up a string of solo releases in 2013, but is in fact the first recording of the group since 2012. Mutated sounds, transmitted across unknown distances.

Side A takes shape in the form of a live improvisation. Edits were made at Moss Archive.

Side B was assembled from different files and tape recordings. Snippets of old jams, sounds recorded around the house. A slowly churning audio muck.

Edition of 50 hand-stamped cassettes. Double-sided j-cards were designed, printed and assembled at Moss Archive.

MOSS 008 by Gay Shapes

Gay Shapes is: Abdul Sherzai, Joe Bastardo, Mickey O’Hara

Side A recorded live at The Arc
Side B assembled from files and tapes

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