Giovanni Lami / Kenny the Chimp – Split (cass)




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Giovanni Lami / Kenny the Chimp – Split (cass)

Giovanni Lami (Ravenna, Italy, 1978) is a field recordist and musician who works within soundscape and sound-ecology boundaries.
Since 2009, he has founded several projects, attended many workshops and tought others about soundscaping and field recording techniques.
With his various projects, Giovanni has performed in several venues including: Conservatorio B.Maderna (Cesena), DalVerme (Roma), Mu.Vi.Ment.S. Festival 2010 (Itri), Fondazione Giorgio Cini (Venezia), Festival C/off (Faenza), Schiume Festival (Venezia), Kernel Festival (Desio), NerosuBianco (Cesena), Tagofest VI (Massa), Florence Live Looping Festival (Firenze), Flussi2011 (Avellino), Spazio Elastico (Bologna), Barbur Gallery (Jerusalem), Rogatka (Tel Aviv), The Zimmer (Tel Aviv), Kreuzberg Pavillon (Berlin), Homework Festival (Bologna), Ravenna Festival (Ravenna), Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (Venezia).

Kenny (1991) was born in Cambodia’s Aoral Wildlife Sanctuary on a small tree. After finishing high school, and having already been active in the animal rights movement that emerged out of Cambodia’s jungles during the early 80’s and reached it’s peak during 1998 & 1999, he attended Cambridge University where in 2002 he published his Doctorate work entitled ’21st Laboratory: How to fuck up the animals’. In 2013 he was awarded with the ‘Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences’ by Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Edition of 50 home-dubbed ferrik-cassettes.

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