Graham Dunning ‎– Noise Club Vol.4 (cass)




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Graham Dunning ‎– Noise Club Vol.4 (cass)

“Noise Club was set up by Robin Foster in 2015. He invited 11 other artists to each record a sound. Then each in turn made a tape album from those sounds, and sent a copy to the others.

For my Noise Club album I used tape loops, live sampling, mechanical sequencers, live dub mixdowns and Burroughs’ tape technique. Each piece was recorded to cassette 4-track and mixed down live in one take.

The art work is made of digitally glitched, printed and physically collaged images of the contributors’ facebook profile pictures.

The contributors to Noise Club were: Robin Foster, Ed Dowie, Farmer Glitch, Henry Collins, Ian Watson, Joined By Wire, Laurie French, Joanna Pucci, Rosena Wenonoah, Tom Bench and Paul Walsh”


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