Graham Dunning / Colin Webster ‎– Terrain (LP album)




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Graham Dunning / Colin Webster ‎– Terrain (LP album)

Improvised music, both live and on record, is often characterised by ad-hoc
groupings, chance encounters, and first meetings. There is however something
notable about lasting improvising collaborations – developing a group sound or
common language, while staying true to the ethos of exploration and
experimentation. The duo of Graham Dunning and Colin Webster have worked
together since 2014, and to date have recorded six albums as a duo as well as
two trio releases with Sam Underwood. Until now the duo have utilised the same
instrumentation – Webster on saxophone, and Dunning on turntable and
additional hardware.

On Terrain, Graham moves away from the turntable and exclusively plays snare
drum and objects, often manipulating the skin with motors and fans. Combined
with the saxophone, a sonic world is presented, and then sustained without
much noticeable development. In this respect, the nine tracks of Terrain can be
seen as a series of textural studies. This different way of working for the duo
eschews the usual rapid-fire dialogue that is prevalent in most improvised music,
and offers something else more contemplative, more patient, and more still.

Graham Dunning: snare drum & objects
Colin Webster: alto & baritone saxophones
Recorded at Sound Savers, London on 13 July 2018

Engineered by Alex Clegg
Mixed by Marlon Wolterink
Mastered by Dirk Serries
Artwork by Colin Webster
Layout by Rutger Zuydervelt

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