Grisha Shakhnes – Distance And Decay (CD album)




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Grisha Shakhnes – Distance And Decay (CD album)

Distance and Decay is the second album by Grisha Shakhnes under his own name, following his Leave/Trace LP on the Glistening Examples label. Previously recording under the name Mites, the Israel based musician has seen his recordings published on a series of eclectic editions internationally and is active in the local Tel Aviv scene.

The album itself contains music of dense and intricate abstraction, as Shakhnes blends together recordings ranging from the everyday to the discretely melodic, and lays them out in ways that serve to obscure as much as they reveal the nuances contained – leaving the listener to navigate their way and experience the four long-form compositions. Using cassette tapes and an adept mixing hand, he creates an engrossing environment of overlaid concrete sounds and obscured glacial melodies, one that displays an intriguing sensibility and makes for a strong and compelling listen.

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