Guillaume Viltard – Lost Tracks at Dawn (cass)




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Guillaume Viltard – Lost Tracks at Dawn (cass)

Guillaume Viltard double bass solo set, recorded live as a part of Earshots! at the Hundred Years Gallery. London 13/07/2013

Released on cassette (first edition of 50), and high quality digital download.

“Born in 1975 in the North of Ivory Coast, I grew up in a wild countryside with almost no music. Back in France ten years later, I felt much better roaming through woodlands than attending school. Nonetheless I did my best, but a double-bass finally came to me in the mid 90s. It is almost like a tree. I have been working hard to play properly for another ten years or so. I hate exams and any kind of competition but I survived classical training and even jazz playing. I like the idea that I could give up with music and do something completely different but it may be wrong. Nice also to think about aesthetics, choices or freedom and being only an experiment in the musical life of one’s very instrument.”

Mastered by Rupert Clervaux at Grays Inn Road
Design: Ben Polhill; Cover drawing: Mia Gubbay

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