Hair Police ‎– The Empty Quarter (CD album)



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Hair Police ‎– The Empty Quarter (CD album)

‘2007 recordings from the Beatty-Tremaine-Connelly trio.
Digipack. 1000 copies.
Recorded in Ypsilanti, MI, January March 2007.’

Hair Police is an american psychedelic noise rock band based out of Lexington, Kentucky formed in 2001. They have released records through labels such as Troubleman Unlimited, Hanson Records, Gods of Tundra, Freedom From, and Hospital Productions. They have also released a split record on Load Records with Viki. Members of Hair Police have also played with other groups such as Wolf Eyes, Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Burning Star Core, Three Legged Race, Von Hemmling, Ulysses, Warmer Milks, and Attempt.

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