Hákarl & Daniel Alexander Hignell ‎– Bambi (CDr album)




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Hákarl & Daniel Alexander Hignell ‎– Bambi (CDr album)

Here are a couple of unholy goofs inscribing a new Mayan codex in sound. Hákarl (Kevin Nickells) and Daniel Alexander Hignell are two Brighton based good-time boys projecting some pretty thoughtful thrills on this record. It’s a creeping ride replete with violin, harmonium and electronics, voice (some beautiful post Birthday Party mania) plus “books, scraps, sofa” whatever the hell that means.
This may also be the first thing LF have released with ‘beats’ – but don’t wet yourself, said thumps are the rhythmic snap of rabid men cracking their foreheads on the desert shore.
Someone told me the Hove was a chill place to be this time of year, but I gotta disagree – if these two guys aren’t presently bagged/tagged or in protective custody I’d avoid the place like the plague. That said a record like this will rot your teeth, or at least cleave callouses to the tongue, but that’s better than leaving yet more welts on your hairy hands right? In fact listening to this album is a rather lovely way to see out your mortal coil, just make leave a note with the right incineration instructions ok?

Bambi by Hákarl & Daniel Alexander Hignell

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