Howard Stelzer & Nerve Net Noise – Nests (pro-CDR album)



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Howard Stelzer & Nerve Net Noise – Nests (pro-CDR album)

“Nests” is the first collaboration by Hiroshi Kumakiri (synth builder and main instigator of the unclassifiable Nerve Net Noise from Yokohama) & Howard Stelzer (a Nerve Net Noise superfan from Massachusetts).
“Nests” is a seething stew of synths and tapes and two soft-boiled brains misfiring on either side of our dumb globe… synths on tape, tapes played into trees, synths on cassette loops coming out of my car stereo, played back into parking lots… synths on tapes through speakers into city parks at dawn… back onto tapes, back into trees… tapes and synths taken on walks by the river… played again back out of my car stereo… pitilessly degraded analog gunk clomped into fidelity-perverse shape by HS in Lowell, MA over the course of several months.

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