i’d m thfft able – Her blood / Blood Blood (2×3″cdr)




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i’d m thfft able – Her blood / Blood Blood (2×3″cdr)

This double Cd-r set is typical i’d m thfft able, which means another romp between oddity, silliness, pop detritus, play and dead seriousness all rolled up into one. Here, he performs for folks in their backyard, an intimate event with the kids and audience joining in (both spontaneously and by invite). In “ Blood Blood”, Id’s inventiveness goes from singing along with prerecorded tunes to simultaneously creating something new by utilizing his “box o things”. From the blues infatuated “The whole” to his reducing the singing to noise in “Swimming in Blood, Blood, Blood”, Spear delivers a captivating performance. In “Her Blood”, Id pulls it off with ease in setting the stage for a group “stimmung” using audience members. Sing alongs for all – or none, originally performed using a pack of drawing papers, suitcase and an old telephone. Anyone interested in traditional Inuit music, vocal games or free improvisation is thus advised

i’d m thfft able is a futuristic rapper/garbage enthusiast whose comfort level with the blood of others makes some a little queasy. He has sung songs about this on three continents, in at least three languages. Born and raised in Maine, USA, Skot Spear remains one of South Portland’s most vivid experimental performers.

The first time i saw I’d – here was this huge, bearded hairy guy with this very strange “box o things” – was one of the weirdest and coolest performances i had seen. Just came out of nowhere for me and totally wacky and mesmerizing. Having now seen him perform more than once and having played with him as well, i now know it was not out of the blue. (Al Margolis, Pogus)

Blood Blood / Her Blood by Id M Theft Able

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