If, Bwana – 33 Birds Went (CD album)




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If, Bwana – 33 Birds Went (CD album)

Al Margolis (electronics, tapes, etc.), Ellen Christi (vocals), Brian Charles (oboe, bass clarinet, soprano sax). Special guest appearances by Jane Scarpantoni (taped cello), and Kevin Sparke (percussion).

Five deep, spooky, lengthy tracks cleanly sewn together with samples, tapes, electronics, clarinets, cellos, saxes and voices. Many sounds collide here, but the mood remains low-key-occasionally becoming disorienting in some of the louder passages. Imagine an ambient music that is more organic than much of the strictly pre-fab, synthesized stuff fed to hungry consumers of that genre today, and you have the music of If, Bwana. Calming, but too demanding of the ears to be mere background noise. (The Subversive Workshop Newsletter #16 J.McLeod, July 1996)

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