Iker Ormazabal Martínez – Home Is Where the Hatred Is (cass)




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Iker Ormazabal Martínez – Home Is Where the Hatred Is (cass)

IOM lets loose 47 minutes of heavy interspace electronics with HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED IS. Building upon recent releases for Industrial Coast, Hedonic Reversal, Industrial Complexx and Cruel Nature, the album strikes against the industrial leasehold complex in a society where landlords are valorised as post-liberal Stakhanovs. An abstract palette of kicks, pulses and digital scrapes unite in a throbbing rhythmic recoil against the crushing forces of modern property relations. Pervasive feelings of invasion, torment and a lack of control inflect the recordings, as the mental and physical enclosure wrought by the failures of the cladding crisis squeezes local communities dry. A nine track acute reaction to the sovereignty of the housing market, HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED IS poses the question — ‘who matters in modern Britain?’

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