Ilios – Old Testament (CD album)




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Ilios – Old Testament (CD album)

THE WIRE (UK) The most enervating record imaginable, this latest act of cruelty perpetrated by Antifrost label founder Ilios is like an interrogation in the most brutal of police states. First the good cop of distant, muggy drones and protacted silence draws you in. You peer throught he murk, craning your neck to try to make something out and then..well , you really should have known better. Because the bad cop leaps in the most searing, sickening jolts of noise, real electrodes to the genitals stuff. None of these attacks sustain themselves for long enough to allow the recipient to become inured by them. There’s noway any kind of strength can be drawn from them. The process simply repeats – the shock, the lull, the shoch. Don’t be fool. Just tell them what they want to hear. Keith Moline

VITAL (NL) This is the ‘difficult’ one. Lengthy pieces of obscured sounds, scratches and drones – this could be as much as newer computer work as an older piece of analog electronics (I assume the last but digitally remastered). Silence seems to be playing animportant role too, as sometimes things drop in volume a lot. So, I can’t say wether this is really old, or updated (FdW)

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