Intrusive Signals


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A5 folded ‘zine, black and of white square fold saddle stitched business, 40 pages jam packed fully of interviews, art, poetry, things what I recently done, things what they have did, actually including pieces with blackcloudsummoner, neuro… no neuro, moss harvest, hream music for mental health, dirty electronics radical chip party, dieter muh / muhmur radio, soundart radio, plague arish, disco insolence, avant lawrence garde, techno topographia, a hare, a tractor and that ruined castle, all constructed through June – October 2021 and I love you, this is pre-order to help me figure out how quantity of ordering coming near you very soon ok.

All copies will come with a download/stream Bandcamp code of the split release  Solomon Tump/Lee Riley, cunningly titled “Spl//it”

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