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52 pages with squarefold spine, stapled, printed on Bio-Top recycled paper.
Scanned from my original cut&paste master copy.
All b&w.
100 copies.
Shipped with a “Tump Clump” recycled paper sticker.
Download enabled for Issues 1-5 of “Snare Rush” zine PDF copies.

Chlorine – Instruments, sound art and electronics from the North of England.
Himukalt – desire, lust, hostility, rage, mania, depression, blood, flesh. Nevada, USA.
Brachliegen Tapes – Taking a broad brush approach to experimental sound from Kent, UK.
COLDSORE – Finnish dark drones and bespoke instruments.
Scum Alice – Dark improvised streaming from Indiana, USA.
Shaun Robert – Unused computer glitch art from the Institute For Alien Research in the 1990s.
Lucidet – Texan drone/noise and provider of some unique maze art.
Tyrannic Horizon – My story of the Bristolian noise experimenter.
Jean Toms – Neurographical art from Devon, UK.
Split releases – Why I believe that split releases are great.

Each issue will come with a bandcamp download code for Burial Practices by Booticker, courtesy of Brachliegen Tapes, and a code for Palmipsest [Live Documents] by Soloman Tump.

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