Jacinthebox – Incomplete 1984/86 (LP compilation)




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Jacinthebox – Incomplete 1984/86 (LP compilation)

Jacinthebox is right in your face DIY as you no longer hear it today. Recorded in 1984-1986 and at the time self-released on cassette by Jac van Bussel (later known as DMDN and member of groups like Thu20, Lewd, Bunkur and Kuttekop).

Armed with a tape deck, a simple pulsating rhythm box, whining out of tune feedback guitars and distorted voice, he serves a large portion of roughly recorded guitar noise, including malfunctioning cables and stacks of noise. Unpolished, primitive, hard and foul.

Jacinthebox recently came into the spotlight with a reissue of a track on the “80s Underground Cassette Culture” compilation LP, released by Contort Yourself.

On the “Incomplete 84/86” LP is a selection of 10 of his most extreme tracks, released in a hand-numbered edition of only 150 copies by Supreme Tool Supplies.

A must for those who love Brainbombs, Harry Pussy and early Sutcliffe Jugend.

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