Jason Crumer – Let There Be Crumer (CD album)




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Jason Crumer – Let There Be Crumer (CD album)

The human psyche and the world of nature are equally temperamental and unpredictable: there’s little upon which we can depend that falls within our sphere of influence. What is required of us? That we cope, that we make the best of whatever circumstances are at hand, and persevere. Embrace the materials at hand; transform weaknesses into strengths. Whether others approve – or even understand – is largely immaterial. So maybe Jason Crumer carpet-bombed your Audi dealership accidentally during a cross-country trip, or maybe, you know, it was intentional; there’s no definite way to know for sure, and it’s not like there’s any evidence. Besides, it’s not like you need to grasp why. One moment, life was static, then the next: Let There Be Crumer, the latest in a proud tradition of methodologically-innovative dissembling… Ltd x 500 copies in a 6-panel digipak.

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