Jasper TX – The Black Sun Transmissions ‎(CD album)




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Jasper TX – The Black Sun Transmissions ‎(CD album)

Darker, harder, and even deeper. Frustration. Lack of communication and the feeling that there is no solution at hand.

Or picture this. A huge, black sun that covers your entire field of vision. People out of focus, dressed in black, standing by the shore. Looking out towards nothing. Because there is nothing to see.

These are the starting points for “The Black Sun Transmissions”, the first actual album by Jasper TX to be released in over two years. An album where he has chosen a new direction for himself, challenged his very vision, and managed to find even firmer ground.

The album features Mike Weis from Zelienople on drums, the cello of Aaron Martin and the trombone of Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø.

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