Jem Finer – Score for a Hole in the Ground (Book)


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Jem Finer – Score for a Hole in the Ground (Book)

This book has been published to accompany the installation of Jem Finer’s Score for a Hole in the Ground in King’s Wood, Challock, Kent. It is a documentation of the development of this complex work, exploring the ideas and background from which it emerged.

essays by Jeremy Millar, David Toop ; and a conversation between Jem Finer and Jeremy Theophilus.

Published by Stour Valley Arts 2008

‘Score for a Hole in the Ground is a triple award winning work. Having been the recipient of the first PRS Foundation New Music Award, it went on to receive the Rouse Kent Public Art Award and the British Composer Award for New Media. Inspired by suikinkutsu water chimes found in temple gardens of Japan, Score for a Hole in the Ground uses tuned percussive instruments, played by falling water, to create music. Finer describes his piece as ‘both music and an integrated part of the landscape and the forces that operate on it and in it’. The sound element of this piece is extremely subtle. It requires time to allow the visitor to tune their ear to the level of sound and is affected by weather and ambient noise.’

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