John Edwards, Okkyung Lee – White Cable, Black Wires (CD album)


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John Edwards, Okkyung Lee – White Cable, Black Wires (CD album)

“This is an adventure in consciousness in which two musicians of the very first order explore the resemblance in their instrumental voices, a resemblance that they explore by attacking it.” – Stuart Broomer, Point of Departure

“Un grand moment d’improvisation libre, organique, viscéral, puissant, créatif et sans concession, qui redonne de la fraîcheur et de la vigueur à cette musique. Recommandé.” – Julien Héraud, improv sphere

“Evolving, living, breathing, fighting, fucking, creating: this is as far from petrification as it is possible to get.” – Scott McMillan, The Liminal

“Thrilling stuff, but far more than just thrills—including rhythmic sophistication, rich melodic invention and empathetic interplay. A duo to cherish.” – John Eyles, All About Jazz

“There are those round these parts who posit that free improvisation is a cerebral, sexless art, arguments that are annihilated by the rough structural and timbral shag of this music.” – Philip Clark, The Wire

“nothing short of a symphony of percussive clatter, tweaked harmonics, rumbling clangor, buzzing strings, hollow woody thumps, and stuttering dances of bow and fingers.” – Dan Sorrells, Free Jazz


A stunning series of duo improvisations from two of the world’s finest string players, whose shared dynamism and intensity of purpose produces fluid, powerful music that ranges from dense viscosity to swift effervescence.

With all-strings improvisation there’s often a danger of pseudo-classicism, of sounding vaguely like modernist chamber music, replete with refined flourishes and familiar motifs. Edwards and Lee don’t just avoid this but go nowhere near it, heading off in another direction entirely.

White Cable, Black Wires is full of rude vitality, driven by an intensely physical interplay which encompasses growling blocks of noise, subtle melodies, and nimble rhythmic entanglements.

John Edwards – double bass
Okkyung Lee – cello

Recorded by Sebastian Lexer at The Welsh Chapel, London on 25 May 2011
Mixed by John Edwards
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux at Gray’s Inn Road
Music by John Edwards (PRS) & Okkyung Lee (ASCAP)

Hand-numbered edition of 500 CDs with 350gsm card outer cover and 150gsm paper inner cover with monochrome risograph print.

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