John Wiese ‎– Dramatic Accessories (LP Album)




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John Wiese ‎– Dramatic Accessories (LP Album)

“luckily wiese doesn’t need no introduction, mang did 1234’s of colabs, released tons of beauties on his own helicopter label, played with sunn o)) and is a great graphic designer! this record is painfully harsh at times and even more painfully sensitive at times! less a wall of nuttery and buckets full of zist and garbage thrown at your head, more of an aural test to see how much teasing your insides and your flappy ears can stand. a collection of cut-ups from his european tour last year, using guitar, drums, voice, tape, misc.. the perfect soundtrack for cutting your toenails out with a knife. comes in a silkscreened fold open cover design by dennis tyfus. numbered and limited to 300 copies.”

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