John Wiese – Black Magic Pond (CD album)




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John Wiese – Black Magic Pond (CD album)

Compounded recycling report from the East Coast and debut solo outing on Blossoming Noise, following LHD’s release “Young & Restless”. In Wiese’s output, Black Magic Pond sits somewhere between the density of Arrhythmia Wave Burst and Panner Crash but working within the same conceptual framework of his recycling trilogy Magical Crystal Blah. Housed in a digipak.

“Black magic pond is another searing audio axe in the head, from John Wiese. Hitting you like a tone of bricks from the out set, with it’s whirl wind mix of cut up sound, electronic stenches and singe and neck snapping overloading rhythmic blurs. But as always with a Wiese release you get a top quilty production and an ear for clever and breathing taking noise construction.

Though out the seething pace never lets up, your throw down one throbbing and blurring sound tunnel after another. What could once have been melody or easy structure drowning in the jugged burning of sound. Texture and pitch of sound is always shifting and ripping apart, like stand in the middle of an earth quake. Sheets of burning steel rain static batters you brain, then you’re through into shifting and crashing mounds of metal junk, It never gives you time to think or settle too long in one place, before been ripped off and catapulted down into another seething brain melting audio painting. The sounds almost trying to suck you into the speakers head first, but like all quality noise in time you ears become accustomed and you start to pick out more a more details. Wiese really has the ability to build up such complex layers of sound.

Again an prime of example of noise sound work at it’s highest level from one of the modern master of the form. Who seems to becoming very prolific, but always keeping an eager eye on quilty and variation.” – Musique Machin

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