Jörg Thomasius – Tomato (LP)




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Jörg Thomasius – Tomato (LP)

Over the course of Tomato, this under-recognized electronic composer from the former DDR slowly unfurls a tenebrous and derelict world of discarded electroacoustic fragments, which are either knocked about in dank caverns or cajoled into looped disjuncts; most of them leisurely sprawling, concatenating or entropically corroding in their own dank little orbits by dint of a set of aesthetic stances that place this in proximity to both Anne Gillis and Thomasius’ frequent sparring partner, Asmus Tietchens at the most frosty end of his tether. (mutant sounds)

Jorg Thomasius from East Berlin, developed a style of electronic sound that incorporated looping, sound collage, keyboards and other strange sounds into a unique whole that always sounded original and not fashionable. He went on to release various tapes etc with Dieter Zobel, Conrad Schnitzler and others and was an original member of Das Frei Orchester.

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