K2 – Hybrid Dub Metal Musik (LP clear vinyl)



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K2 – Hybrid Dub Metal Musik (LP clear vinyl)

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12″ LP pressed on clear vinyl and shrink wrapped in a full-color sleeve with original artwork by K2.

Originating from the very same sessions which produced “Metal Dysplasia” — one of his most prized releases — “Hybrid Dub Metal Musik” is undoubtedly a career high. Decades of harsh noise and shattered electronics are reimagined into a more feral beast than ever heard before.

“Hybrid Dub Metal Musik” is K2’s cataclastic worship ceremony of corroded metal, rotted electronics, and decayed tape-loops. Bursts of feedback resonate and swell under vicious maelstroms of delay, screeching and howling in awe of their own malevolent frequencies, collapsing in a relentless low-end ambush of analogue ruins.

Originally sourced from “The Rust” and “Metal Dysplasia” sessions

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