Kapotte Muziek/Richard Ramirez ‎– Muziek – Mix – Memory (CDr)



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Kapotte Muziek/Richard Ramirez ‎– Muziek – Mix – Memory (CDr)

Digi CDr, limited to 121 copies in real printed DigiPac’s

…First album is titled “Muziek-Mix-Memory” and is a “versus”-album between Kapotte Muziek and Richard Ramirez. First track is the legendary trio of Kapotte Muziek, Frans De Waard, Peter Duimelinks and Roel Meelkop manupulating the source materials of composer Richard Ramirez. The intense work opens fairly quiet with crackling sounds and field recordings of water. Bursts of noises attack the relative quietness of the opening, but as the track develops the noise washes in and after twelve minutes the work transforms into hordes of harsh noise until the final moments where the tracks dwells back into peace. Second track is Richard Ramirez’ take on Kapotte Muziek. In contrary to the radical change in expression of Kapotte Muziek’s contribution, Radical Ramirez constantly keeps the mass of noise on a quite high sound levels resulting in an almost 20 minutes piece of harsh noise/power electronics. During the work there are moments of slightly easier levels but overall Mr. Ramirez creates a hard time for the receiving ears.” [NM, Vital Weekly]

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