Kema / Joey Chainsaw – Split (cass)




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Kema / Joey Chainsaw – Split (cass)

The Joey side is solid piece of ultra-crude battered guitar-dirge.. There’s a real crunchy and toasted basement-vibe that is quite rare these days, it sounds like it’s played on a floor-board guitar and pedals found deep in the mud through speakers made of cotton. Kinda like a punk-ass, weed-out version of Ashtray Navigations…
Kema comes more the the Dead C end of things.. Perhaps not that different from Joey, but there’s more stoned-out riffing and that ultra lo-fi guitarbased trash-scapes that we’ve come to love that NZ vibe for…
Excellent stuff for sure, this is pure no-fi so turn up loud and scare away the posers!
Purple tapes wrapped in double-sided purple A4 sheet. Edition of 30.

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