Kieran Daly, Sam Sfirri ‎– Derrison (cass)




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Kieran Daly, Sam Sfirri ‎– Derrison (cass)

After over a decade of collaboration — running the gamut from downcore improv-lounge to conceptual field recording and non-performance to depressive MIDI jazz-fiction — Derrison marks the first official release by idiosyncratic musicians and composers Kieran Daly and Sam Sfirri. Presenting their statically fragmentary, diffident, and obtuse approach to ‘interpretation’, Daly and Sfirri perform twelve counterfactual improvisations derived from the jazz standard repertoire and offer a novel contribution to the recorded ‘guitar and piano duo’ tradition of Evans & Hall, Frisell & Hersch, Holdsworth & Beck, Metheny & Mehldau, and others.

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