Knife Liibrary – Drowners (LP album)


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Knife Liibrary – Drowners (LP album)

The unstoppable genius of Matt Loveridge (member of both the amazing bands Beak> and Foot Village), operates under numerous pseudonyms for his solo music. The latest incarnation is as Knife Library, where Matt explores the dissonant and modern compositional possibilities of acoustic music. Or, as Matt so elegantly puts it, “a reaction against the notion that acoustic music is a safehold for twee fuckers who just want to eat cupcakes and rub each other with fuckin ukuleles.” He has a certain way with words, doesn’t he? In any case, the aesthetic results are something uniquely Matt, but the spirit of finding unexpected possibilities in acoustic sounds is kinda what Foot Village is doing too. You don’t have to imagine it though. The entire album is available to stream, and if you dig it, definitely buy a copy of the 12” vinyl version from Matt. This is a self-released endeavor that deserves epic support! Kindaraad

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