Kommisar Hjuler & Frau / Rogaland Hot Club – Split (cass)




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Kommisar Hjuler & Frau / Rogaland Hot Club – Split (cass)

Der Kommissar und die Frau continue their travel into the deeper realms of art bruit and the frizzled-out upside-down-world.. Chanting, screaming, huffing and puffing, they wrestle their way through the theme of the german detective series like none other could ever do… Somewhere between Ya Ho Wha and the Shadow Ring, but neither here nor there really… There’s a playfulness here that’s all theirs. A unique world either way..
Norway’s improvocateaurs Rogaland Hot Club occuupies the other side with 6 shorter tracks… Vocal outbursts, bathroom chorales, primitivist rock moves and odd thumping all mixed in a kinda Faust tapes style…
Orange tapes wrapped in orange A4 sheet, superb collage art by M. Korsbols. Edition of 50.

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