Kostis Kilymis – Bethnal Greener (LP)




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Kostis Kilymis – Bethnal Greener (LP)

Rekem Records presents the latest release by label producer Kostis Kilymis. Living in London since 2012, Bethnal Greener perfectly documents life in the capital, “this Roman shell”. The possibilities and the impossible, the dirt and the light, the highs and the lows.

‘Bethnal Greener’ showcases his most varied work to date, combing the delicacy and form of his lowercase improvised electronics with the full bodied sonic noise palette found on the 2012 Entr’acte release, More Noise Ahead. ‘Stepney Way’ features static clicks, almost forming a beat but not quite, with discrete sonic elements suggesting a rendering of the industrial buildings of Stepney as grooves on this record. The key to the album could be considered to be ‘The Ghost In The Typewriter (for Leif Elggren)’, encapsulating flickering panned buzzing, obnoxious then subtle sine waves, sculpted feedback, and what could well be the rumblings of a contact mic’d tower block, creating an 12-minute opus that the dedicatee would be proud of.


Kostis Kilymis is a Greek artist based in London. He employs electric and electronic material, capturing and manipulating sound, image and electroacoustic phenomena. Focusing on feedback systems, noise and immersive environments, his work attempts to unveil the nuances within the complex sensory experiences surrounding us. He has been an improviser, performer and collaborator – his encounters including Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Leif Elggren, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford and Phil Julian amongst others. He curates the Organized Music from Thessaloniki label and is part of the Rekem Records collective. Recent work has been released on I Dischi Del Barone, Hideous Replica, Mazurka Editions and Entr’acte.

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