Kuttekop – Transverse Toxospumosis (LP album)




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Kuttekop – Transverse Toxospumosis (LP album)

Along with this record came a small note asking me not to translate the band’s name. A literal translation doesn’t quite constitute the meaning it carries in Dutch as a swearword.
I came across this band before, on the ‘Mendacity Mogul’ compilation cassette (Vital Weekly 1280), and I saw a YouTube clip.

Kuttekop is a Dutch trio, of Dennis van Geldrop (voice, bass), Sjak Van Bussel (noise), and Kikanju Baku (drums).

I only know Van Bussel, and I have known him for 40 years – nobody in music with whom I go back further. He’s a member of THU20, Lewd, DMDN, Bunkur and now one-third of Kuttekop. It’s not something you can compare with any of his musical projects, and perhaps you can. Let me explain.

Noise is an interest Van Bussel has had for a long time, be it of the power electronics variety (DMDN) or the metal end (Bunker). Now he’s a third variation with Kuttekop, the grindcore, noisecore variation. I like the way expectations are shattered here. There is noise, a hell of a lot of it, in fact, and bass and drums are not always easily recognized, as sometimes it all disappears in a wall of noise, but sometimes they appear, rattling cages and kettles, like an infinite storm. The voice is all garbled, and these lyrics are about anything; their meaning is entirely lost upon the listener. That it owes to the world of grindcore, I guess.

In the world of ‘traditional’ noise, musical pieces tend to be overlong, well beyond their exciting point. Kuttekop has sixteen tracks, which are around two minutes on average per piece, so it all has the energy of a speed metal punk band in full overdrive, feedback mode.

While you could quickly think that none of this is my cup of tea, I immensely enjoyed this LP. Part, as said, because it goes beyond expectations and because it wrecks notions as grindcore, noisecore and noise; at least that’s the impact it had on me. Maybe there are examples of people who do similar things, but I may not have come across them.

The best noise of this week and the past few weeks. HNW merchants eat your heart out. (FdW)

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