Lasse Marhaug ‎– Gjota (10inch clear vinyl)



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Lasse Marhaug ‎– Gjota (10inch clear vinyl)

A decade (3650 days) of Beartown dawned this year. 10 years, 10 inches!

Jazz night at the asylum opens side A before crunchy, thickset pulsing rumble and hum hit a rising slab of singing drones. Side B opens with the gentle creak of a collapsing glacier before a great static abyss swallows us all – yummy!

26 minutes of music lovingly etched into the teeny weeny grooves of a cursed disc.

This release is bundled in with an excellent film, music and photo series that Lasse is / has been working on. North Norway isolation vibes abound. Check here for more info –

Mastered by Lasse Marhaug, artwork by Lasse Marhaug.
Pressed onto CLEAR vinyl ‘n’ all. 300 copies.

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