Le Syndicat – Festin D’Acier (LP)




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Le Syndicat – Festin D’Acier (LP)

Festin D’Acier is Perhaps the most “industrial” of LeSyndicat’s albums, even though Le Syndicat always wanted to distance itself from industrial music because it has always thought it was possible to go further than music.
There are several rhythmic albums of Le Syndicat and it’s for those who know and appreciate these albums that “Festin D’Acier” is designed. The title (Steel Feast) is a deviation of Burroughs’ best seller, “The Naked Lunch”. To Le Syndicat, Burroughs was a visionary, describing a world that never ceased to transform itself, led by basic human caracteristics: Power, Domination, Submission, Cupidity. For Le Syndicat, we bathe in this world. Everywhere, artists from all horizons tell about the world’s destruction.
The Steel Feast is all that remains to eat during this “Apocalypse” that we are living, twilight of the fascist liberal world domination: Our old rusty tools, the dismantled leftovers of our glorious industries… Festin D’Acier, an end to the world’s deeds, a danse of death… but also a praise of Strength, promoting rebellion.

There’s blood, sweat, survival instinct, muscles in motion, truth down there…

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