Louie Rice – 33/45 (7inch vinyl)




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Louie Rice – 33/45 (7inch vinyl)

Louie Rice is an electroacoustic artist based in London. Best known as a member of VA AA LR, with Vasco Alves and Adam Asnan – a group largely focused on the tactile properties of sound and performance based events – as well as under the radar solo and collaborative works. As a producer for the Hideous Replica label and one of the organisers of the Hideous Porta series of events, he has shown his sharp taste in electro-acoustic music, abrasive textures and eclectic synth-based work.

Similar interests are apparent in this vinyl single, with its two tracks marked only by their playing speed and no additional info at hand, one is left with only textures and electronic pulsations.

33/45 by Louie Rice

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