M.B. / Cris X ‎– Heczplaser / Black Pulse (split LP)


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M.B. / Cris X ‎– Heczplaser / Black Pulse (split LP)

Limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl with pro printed glued glossy covers and two 30x30cm full colour inserts. ‘

Ultra bleak monotonous analogue synth mass from MB, everybody’s dear noise grandad, and haunting subtle horror music from not-so-newcomer Cris X. The LP features new and exclusive tracks – a dark and deep experimental masterpiece.

“Isolated in a fully aware immobility, the dramatic intensity of this unhealthy and plain sonorous document, provides peculiar experimental characteristics connected with animated views of a post-modern technology converging into a modulated transportation of collapsed particles”. (M.B.)


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