Machinefabriek – Colour Tones (CD album)




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Machinefabriek – Colour Tones (CD album)

Delving ever deeper in the science of his art, this is Machinefabriek’s take on what might be the most common sensation of all – the colours around us.

Originating from the exhibition Colour Tales, held at the WM Gallery in Amsterdam in 2011, these tracks are based on ideas from a series of Intriguingly visual and original short stories on the theme of colours, written by Latvian writer Imants Ziedonis. The result is an album of meticulously crafted drones with depth, details and a sense of adventure. Soundscapes for an audience of careful listeners.

Close your eyes. Can you see the colour you are listening to?

Music by Rutger Zuydervelt, Rotterdam, January-March 2011, using guitars, memo recorders, looped tapes, old test records, a Korg Monotron, effect pedals and a computer. Additional samples used from Espen Reinertsen (saxophone), Gareth Davis (bass clarinet) and Aaron Martin (cello). Mastered by Guiseppe Ielasi.

Tracks 1-5 were recorded for Colour Tales – an Artistic Research Into the Quality of Colour, a project and exhibition by Lesley Moore, curated by Anthropologists in Art, inspired by Imants Ziedonis’ book Krasainas Pasakas (Coloured Tales). Mosaic was initially a study for a live performance at the opening of the exhibition.

Cover image by Lesley Moore. Photography by Vincent Zedelius.

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