Matt Shoemaker ‎– Tropical Amnesia Two & Three (2CD album)




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Matt Shoemaker ‎– Tropical Amnesia Two & Three (2CD album)

All sound recorded November 2007 in/at/around Mamori Lake, Amazonas, Brazil. Material culled and assembled December 2007/January 2008 in Seattle.

“His music consists of an ever-changing, intricate web of sounds defining spaces in constant transformation. It is very detailed, very present. Transitions between soundscapes, sometimes very slow and very gradual, sometimes very surprising, keep his music going; often different strata of time are present simultaneously. Matt is a master in building and sustaining tension by means of changes in density of sounds and events, as well as by modifying the frequency range of the spectra used. Another interesting quality of his music is that it brings the abstractness of concrete sounds taken out of their context to consciousness. I noted these general impressions while listening to the first of the two pieces, and I’d like to describe the second one in more detail: I can’t help but think of it as an immense, surrealist electronic rain forest, filled with tiny noises, far-away calls, and sudden showers of rain. The piece builds up slowly to stay quite intense and urgent over a longer stretch of time, and, after a change in harmony, to end (and finally fade away) in weightlessly floating vastness.” – Bernhard Günter

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