Mattin / Dion Workman – Via Vespucci (CD album)




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Mattin / Dion Workman – Via Vespucci (CD album)

A low, attenuated whine exudes near-silent menace, over 19 minutes of tension and hate! Gradually, this hateful noise turns into a low, burring growl, like that of a robotic panther programmed to psyche you out by staring at you for long moments, before it pounces on you and rips out your throat. Talk about your antisocial tendencies! No wonder Mattin rarely collaborates with anyone! Pound for pound, this record is even more ‘minimal ‘ than a lot of the current Erstwhile stuff doing the rounds, but Mattin would be far too fierce to fit in with that friendly co-operative bunch. Alienated from the world, he works up a bitter, electronic sulk and sits there frowning like a stone mullet. Eventually the sound of his constrained emotion turns into a jet-engine roar, still laced with slow-burning anger. A real friendship killer, this one…great stuff!. Ed Pinsent ‘The Sound Projector’

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