Maurizio Bianchi – Computers S.p.A. / Com.SA ‎(2CD comp)




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Maurizio Bianchi – Computers S.p.A. / Com.SA ‎(2CD comp)

Second in the At War series of early CD issues of tapes by noise legend MB. This has been a long time coming and I promise the next installment (Mectypo/Blut since you ask) won’t take so long and should surface early next year. Both these albums are lofi, featuring very primitive use of synthesiser, tape loops and tape manipulation. There’s a real charm and otherwordly feel to them, There’s something very precient about MB’s explorations into the computer world with his sounds on these records, particularly given the nature of most modern noise music and how nobody still has managed to replicate the feeling of his early works with the technology available. As ever, highly recommended to all with an interest in noise music and its history.
500 copies, double jewel case.

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