Merzbow + Balázs Pándi ‎– Ducks: Live In NYC (CDr album)




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Merzbow + Balázs Pándi ‎– Ducks: Live In NYC (CDr album)

released 25 April 2011
Merzbow (Masami Akita) is the Japanese legend and progenitor of Noise music. For three decades his view of making music has created a new and different sound entirely unlike any other in the history of musical composition. Balázs Pándi is one of Hungary’s hottest commodities, welding the tools of grindcore to a free, improvised style that has kept him consistently in demand.

Teaming up together, the percussive attack of Pándi has provided a variance and dynamic that has brought an entirely new dimension to the Merzbow live performance. This show in New York captures a truly inspired and vibrant concert – termed independently by both Masami Akita and mixing engineer Submerged as “SPACE JAZZ”. The show breaks down into an opening duet, Merzbow solo, another duet, Balázs solo, and a 22-minute soul searing ending demolishing duo performance.

There is not much to say in any language about the music of Merzbow – it must be heard to be believed, as it cannot be explained in words. This performance is the highlight of the recent duo performances of Akita and PándI. “Noise is the unconsciousness of music.” – Masami Akita

“In short, it was fabulous: not really improvising, but suggesting the marathoning spirit of high-impact free jazz; not really composition, but held together with the technique and concentration of grindcore drumming. Just barely, through the amazing din and throughout the set, you could hear sounds that weren’t coming from Merzbow: the audience cheering.” – NY Times.

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