Merzbow – Storage (2xPicture Disc LP+CD reissue)


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Merzbow – Storage (2xPicture Disc LP+CD reissue)

First ever vinyl re-issue of this classic Merzbow album.

The first two track were originally published on LP on the ZSF label in 1988.
Masami Akita creates in Storage a very experimental and atmospheric album with a masterful use of scraping sounds and metal percussions but also with a very effective use of silence.
A strongly hypnotic and creepy sounding early analog Merzbow album.
The third track is harsher and is a full on wall of electronic noise.
The third track was published as an extra track for the CD reissue issued in the Merzbox is re-issued here for the first time ever on vinyl.

Re-re-mastered by Masami Akita from original cassette at Munemihouse, Tokyo, in 2016.

A must have.

Limited edition of 304 copies in heavy weight double picture disc with new stunning artwork by Masami Akita.

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