Mutual Process ‎– Untitled (cass)




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Mutual Process ‎– Untitled (cass)

Cassette tape in a run of 50 copies.

Twin-headed hydra shaking a scaly fist at God! Prepared and excitable strings connect to rubbery electronics creating very English tabletop improvisation with a US-style caffeine buzz. Static roars and lighting fidgets; pregnant notes hang lazily in the mist. The mid-section creates a space for Adam Denton’s Submarine Dub and the healing power of Sean Cotterill’s harmonic fuss. The closing moments? A complex re-birthing as serpent swallows its own tail.

Adam Denton is a Sound Artist working primarily with the slithery tones that live within improvisation. Sean
Cotterill’s work straddles the ocean of skronk guitar to live programming ‘ones’ and ‘zeros’.

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