Nacht Und Nebel / Lea Cummings ‎– Split (cass)



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Nacht Und Nebel / Lea Cummings ‎– Split (cass)

SPLIT RELEASE C40 Cassette Tape

-Side A-
Henry Davies of Nacht und Nebel is a versatile performer. His command of the cello as the sole source of his explorations in noise in recent years roots Nacht und Nebel’s sound and manner of working in a not too distant relationship with the cacophony and assault of the early pioneering European noise artists and in the same spirit an endless flow of short run tapes circulate from Nacht und Nebel shows. Here damaged devices stutter and flutter, squeal and rumble through two fine developments in monochromatic debris and hurled wreckage of the highest order.

-Side B-
Lea Cummings is a man who has screamed, scraped, convulsed and pulverised his way around the continents of the world in the last decade as Kylie Minoise. If you know anything of Lea’s work and improvised live aktions you will recognise that this work is the euphoria of a man exhausted, tired and dripping with sweat, endorphins coursing through the system crawling away from the site of exorcism, a moment of stillness charged with the vibrations of physical exhaustion, a soundtrack that changes in tone and colour only as the listener becomes drawn in to the subtleties of the experience.

split tape w/ lea cummings by nacht und nebel

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