Nmperign / Skeletons Out ‎– Marvin / Live 1978 (7inch vinyl)



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Nmperign / Skeletons Out ‎– Marvin / Live 1978 (7inch vinyl)

nmperign: greg kelley, bhob rainey
skeletons out: howard stelzer, jay sullivan

“A rather nicely lo-fi packed 7″ of two of the more intelligent noise projects around. On side Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey, otherwise known as Nmperign team up for one of their great pieces of improvised wind instrument mayhems. Mayhem as in silence meeting noise, but not the usual noise you may expect from someone like Merzbow. The controlled blowing of the two make a great fine interplay. The instruments as instrument and as objects. A fine piece.
Skeletons Out are more a noise rock piece band, or so it seems. Howard Stelzer on cassettes and Jay Sullivan on turntable create a more straight forward piece of noise music that rocks the house. It sound like a rock band with dark rumbling noise underneath and cracklings on top, all in true fierce noise mood. Much more heavy and linear than the other side, but great noise altogether.” (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

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