Noel Molloy – Selected Audio Work 1983 – 1999 (CD album)




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Noel Molloy – Selected Audio Work 1983 – 1999 (CD album)

Noel Molloy is a performance artist from Roscommon who has been going strong since 1970s

Excavated and dug up from the archives of Irish performance artist Noel Molloy and presented here for the first time as stand alone Audio pieces are a selection of sound work made between 1983 and 1999. All work was originally made using multiple tape recorders, cut ups, mixed live and then recorded back on to cassette to accompany live performances and installations.

Time has added some hiss and noise to the cassettes over the years only adding to the atmosphere and texture of the originals recordings. This collection has given us a rare glimpse into a world of Irish sound art and performance that is both politically charged and socially aware as it is original and creative.

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