Nokalypse – Repeated In An Indefinitely Alternating Series Of Thoughts (LP)


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Nokalypse – Repeated In An Indefinitely Alternating Series Of Thoughts (LP)

Nokalypse is Themistoklis Pantelopoulos (1982). Based in Athens,
Greece, he has been making electronic music for the best part of
a decade. Initially producing beat-driven and ambient work (as a
solo artist and as a member of several bands), he abandoned
rhythm and melody in 2006 following a prolonged and deepening
exposure to various experimental, improvised and classical musics.
Pantelopoulos also established his label, Triple Bath, that year.

The two compositions that make up Repeated in an Indefinitely
Alternating Series of Thoughts (Discerning Eye of Mystics and
Everlasting Babylon of Your Mind) are extracted from a vast
body of work created during the Spring and Summer months
of 2006. According to Pantelopoulos, the objective of this
recording session was to see if he could ‘thrill himself’ without
the use of any melodic elements, at a time when he was seeking
non-emotional or gnostic stimulation; sound itself was to be the
sole, fundamental component.

Revisited in 2009, the tracks were mixed and processed further,
resulting in Nokalypse’s most lavish electroacoustic work to date:
toxic, metallic, alienated sound, far away from academic theories
or political beliefs…

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