Olivier Di Placido & SEC_ – Mare Duro (cass)



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Olivier Di Placido & SEC_ – Mare Duro (cass)

“it was a shock to receive an mp3 expert and proposal from mimmo & olivier almost two months ago asking whether noise below is interested in issuing a tape for the upcoming mini tour in june.
being a lovely free musics duo and as am enjoying a lot their interaction between olivier’s guitar and pickups and sec_’s revox / no input mixer i couldn’t say no to such a challenge.
2 short tracks of intense harsh free improv / electroacoustics sounds, what else do you need?
enjoy!” Nicolas (Absurd/noise-below)

Olivier Di Placido: electric guitar with moving neck, unfixed pickups, feedback
SEC_: Revox tape recorder, no-input feedback manipulated on tape, voice, samples

Recorded at The Basement, Napoli (Italy), on April 10th 2014
Mastering by SEC_
Cover by Tiziana Salvati

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