Olympic Shit Man ‎– Supercharge (2xLP re-issue + 24 page comic)




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Olympic Shit Man ‎– Supercharge (2xLP re-issue + 24 page comic)

As all Mother Savage tapes begin their transubstantiation into the new holy relics of Noise, one seldom-heard act still stands at a comfortable distance from the rest of the roster. A collaboration between Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) and Mark Durgan (Putrefier), Olympic Shit Man divorced itself from the ultra-saturated, no-mind quest for pure filth by combining velocity and density while compromising neither. Most cut-up noise of the time buzzed your ears like a Stuka, uncatchable but lacking heft, while the harshest acts demolished all, but maneuvered like a tank in winter. Bolus’s EMS synth blurts and Durgan’s tactile junk scrapes capture the full spectrum of frequencies, while the pair’s tape splicing strategies create asymmetric constructions that rattle around the room like a washer with an unbalanced spin cycle. As with the collaborations between Evil Moisture and Macronympha (The Tentacles of the Octopus Sometimes Compete Against One Another), Mlehst and Macronympha (Macrosonic), and Ruzensturn & Gurgelstock and Masonna (Arschloch-Onna), Olympic Shit Man is ferocious yet fleet, vibrant yet filthy, jaw-clenching yet hilarious.

This vinyl reissue trisects the original cassette content into three 20 minute sides of vinyl, giving you an extra index point with which to process the mayhem. Side four includes two unreleased live tracks from 1994 and 2006, the first a fizzy, spastic sugar rush, the second a cascade of synth and toy squiggles that curlicue onto a wide canvas. Wrapped in a full-color jacket and including a 24-page Bolus comic book, Supercharge accomplishes what all reissues should: it doesn’t just narrate epic battles of the past, it reintroduces all-but-forgotten combat tactics to a new generation of aural guerillas

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