Oren Ambarchi – Stacte Motors (mini-LP)




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Oren Ambarchi – Stacte Motors (mini-LP)

These pieces continue the Stacte series started in 1998 with ambarchi’s first self-released solo recordings. Similar to the 4 previous editions of the series, which explored one idea at length, Stacte Motors is an experiment in exciting instruments with a spinning motor with strings attached. The resulting recordings are metallic walls of minimalist drones, both fearless and dreamy.

Produced and recorded at BJB studios in Australia, these one-take acoustic recordings have a very tactile and physical presence. You hear the collision of the motor-driven strings and the instruments as they produce overtone-drenched vibrations that define an aural space, simultaniously peaceful and aggressive.

Side A ‘Cymbal Motor’ resounds with deeper than deep sub bass frequencies pelted by metallic shimmers. The piece is reminiscent of Harry Bertoia’s dark, drifting Sonambient sound sculptures, but more menacing and with more depth. Like a more rockin’ and unrelenting Terry Riley piece, ‘Guitar Motor’ is a raw but dreamy soundscape. With its dense vibrating strings, it also calls to mind the beautiful drones Ellen Fullman creates with her long string instrument.

Both pieces swell with lush overtones and the flickering impact of motor-driven strings and instrument, creating a slowly shifting and disorienting acoustic world. Like the earlier Stacte releases, each piece on Stacte Motor is meaty enough let you sink your teeth in and enjoy.

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